Internet to WiFi, a software that will manage everything for you!

Leverage cloud-solutions to manage your locations’ internet and WiFi experience without requirement for dedicated IT teams

Guests expect personalized services when they visit and it has a significant impact on retention and loyalty; Ncaps  enables complete customization on guest WiFi login page as per their locations’ themes and provide 100% automation on WiFi marketing associated with demographics (mobile, email id, name, age, gender etc).

With the rapid growth of technology and social media, it is important to engage customers in real-time at your stores and take proactive actions to increase their visit frequency and spends. Also, redirect customers to your mobile apps or webpages (facebook/instagram) to get social media traffics.

We at Ncaps offers a simplified dashboard to monitor internet and WiFi networks ensuring seamless and secured internet experience. You can also enable certain IT features to front office staff and also block unwanted users without any requirement for dedicated IT teams.

Reduce the time taken for guests to access WiFi with self sign up options on guest WiFi and ensure seamless connectivity across the entire premises after first time authentication. Customize internet access duration from check-in to check-out to ensure high quality and secure internet experience.

Leverage WiFi and internet to subtly promote and up sell premium facilities that guests may be interested in. Track users’ behaviors and personalize offers. Improve brand marketing with user data readily available.

Redirect users to events and promotions on social media pages during check-in and to online review platforms upon check-out. Trigger automated feedback campaigns through email and SMS as soon as guests leave the premises to reach guest on a more personal level.

Let us manage your internet and WiFi while you focus on things which matter more for your business

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